Consulting Services

We bring our full expertise in corporate travel management to the table and act as a consultant in order to analyze your travel procedures and identify areas of improvement related to cost-efficiency as well as operations. Many clients welcome our assistance in advising them on how to outline their travel policies and procedures. In coordination with you, we will design a customized travel management plan that best fits your operational and budgetary requirements. Professional travel management involves a continuous process of adjusting existing travel systems. Your requirements may change over time and make corrections necessary in order to fit the reality of your company’s travel needs. Sudden staff increases, new project locations or new travel destinations can impact your travel policy significantly and lead to undesired effects. This makes it even more important to constantly monitor the travel patterns in order to guarantee that best results can be achieved at all times. Our state-of-the -art back office systems and travel software collects information which will allow us to ensure that your travel management systems are updated and create the best results for your company. Detailed reports can be prepared for managers and decision-takers to keep you fully informed at all times about all aspects of the travel management system.